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Anders Nykjær, MD PhD

Founder & CSO

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Anders Nykjær is MD, PhD and professor of biochemistry. He was part of the team that identified the Vps10p-domain receptors almost 30 years ago and has since studied their biology and function in disease processes. Running several research centers, his team has, among other findings, identified the Vps10p-domain receptors as attractive targets for the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders, pain, cardiovascular disease, and neurodegenerative disorders including frontotemporal dementia.


As a Professor at Mayo Clinic (2014-2017) and since 2017 the Director of the center of excellence, PROMEMO – proteins in memory - he has focused on the function of the Vps10p-dommain receptors in memory formation and stability and in neuronal integrity. The scientific achievements have made him co-found three biotech companies on which he has acted as CEO or CSO. One of the companies was sold to Lundbeck Pharma A/S.

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