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Clinical Stage 

“Probably the ultimate goal for every scientist in biomedical research, is to make an observation that may enable development of a cure/treatment against a devastating or fatal disorder. I have been privileged to experience such a journey. Starting years back when we identified the Vps10p-domain receptor sortilin and later showed it may represent an attractive target to normalize progranulin levels that are commonly too low in FTD, we today dosed the first human with our orally available sortilin antagonist - the first small molecule developed. Truly, this has been one of my greatest experiences in my professional life.”

Anders Nykjær, Founder


We are pioneers in sortilin biology

Mission and Values

Vesper Bio builds on the pioneering work in the Vps10p field by our founders and their deep, actionable insights into VPs10p sorting proteins’ key role in disease pathology. With this insight and taking inspiration from the courage of patients we seek to serve. We act with high integrity and a sense of urgency to bring innovative therapies to patients suffering with some of the most serious diseases with no current treatment options available.

Seasoned Leadership

Vesper Bio’s leadership team brings decades of international, scientific and operating experience in private and public biopharma and a successful track record of translating scientific insights into the clinic

Patient Capital

Vesper Bio is supported by a leading venture fund that invests for impact and with long investment horizons

Our Team




Scientific & Clinical Advisory Board