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Vesper Bio has a leadership position in exploiting sortilin biology to develop therapies for unmet medical needs.


Vesper Bio is a clinical biotech company developing innovative treatments targeting Vps10p-proteins, highly tractable targets which are involved in numerous disease pathways and pathologies.


Vesper Bio founders and scientific advisors have been instrumental in discovering and understanding the roles of the Vps10p sorting protein family.

Our approach

Our scientific founders have pioneered the exploration of the structure and function of the Vps10p family of proteins for decades. Critical insight has emerged from understanding the key protein-protein interactions and what drives them. With this insight, we have focussed on the discovery of protein-protein interaction inhibitors. We have achieved this through a combination of cutting edge structure-based design informed by numerous high resolution ligand-target X-ray co-crystal structures and augmented by extensive collaboration with leading academic labs.

Why sortilin?

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